Growth Watch

$28M Riverwalk Expansion in the City of Sanford to be Completed Spring 2021


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Sanford’s growth as a culinary and craft beer destination is garnering it attention, with droves of tourists flocking to our city. Huge hotel, restaurant, and economic projects grab the majority of the headlines, but comprehensive city growth also requires a commitment to infrastructure, public amenities, and quality of life upgrades – in fact, many economic studies show that communities that...

Orlando Attorney Mark Nation Plans New Orleans-Style Destination Restaurant & Distillery in Historic Downtown Sanford


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If you spend some time talking to prominent local attorney Mark Nation, you will discover quickly that he is a passionate man, and these days, the businessman is excited about Historic Downtown Sanford. Nation and his partners have purchased an entire city block of downtown, an area spanning south and west from 2nd Street & Oak Avenue to 3rd Street...

Henry’s Depot – Sanford’s Historic Train Station to Reopen as Culinary Collective


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Sean Kelley stands and surveys the spot where former U.S. President Grant dedicated the South Florida Railroad on January 10, 1880 and simultaneously considers the past and future of Sanford’s original rail hub.  Coming from a real estate background as the owner/broker of Saint Lawrence Title, Kelley was lucky enough to see the energy building in Sanford in the summer...