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Project Hollerblock Update – Expansion of Restaurant & Downstairs Bar on Schedule for November 2019


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In May, readers of's Growth Watch heard all about ‘Project Hollerblock’ and the $1.6 million expansion of the famed Sanford restaurant Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café. These plans were ambitious, including our city’s very first rooftop bar. Often, and perhaps not unexpectedly, developers and business have their timelines pushed back due to various delays; we are very happy to report...

Project Hollerblock Taking Gemütlichkeit to the Next Level in Historic Downtown Sanford


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Make no mistake about it; while Historic Downtown Sanford has more recently become a burgeoning collective of gastronomic and artisanal culinary delights, it was Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café that set the tone of Sanford as a destination where craft, authenticity, and entertainment blend together. In 2001, Theo and Linda Hollerbach opened their doors on 1st Street serving up heaping portions...