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2 reviews
  • I like going here, especially because one of my closest friends can only have gluten-free/vegan food and Hollerbach’s offers just that in your traditional Bavarian style. Their menu is HUGE and it educates you on German culture, German food, and the story behind Hollerbach’s.
    I love getting their large pretzel for a starter. It comes with sweet mustard and “obazda,” a cream-cheese-like spread that has notes of beer and sweet paprika. It pairs well with a beer which, as you can imagine, is highly renowned at this place.
    Overall, Hollerbach’s is a great contributor to the Sanford community, hosting Oktoberfest and flooding the streets with the sound of laughter and traditional German music. I SO appreciate this place’s presence in the downtown area and smile to myself whenever I see it thriving on a weekend night.

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    Hollerbach’s is a large Bavarian restaurant serving German classics such as schnitzel, beer in a boot, and wurst. They’re renowned for their Oktoberfest during which Hollerbach festivities spill into Magnolia Square and bring the community together in a celebration of German beer culture.

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