Wing City Sanford Mural Map

Sanford, FL Wing City

A celebration of creative talent, spirit, and community


1. Famous Tiny Houseboat
531 N Palmetto Ave
Artist: Collin Margerum
Mural Name: Osprey in Flight

2. Sanford Information Center
230 1st St
Artist: St John’s River Art Center, Art-for-Kids students
Mural Name: Rocketship – Kids in Space

Artist: St John’s River Art Center – art instructors, students
Mural Name: Tropical flight (Butterfly)

Artist: St John’s River Art Center, Seniors Art Class
Mural Name: Angels

Sanford Regional Chamber of Commerce Inside
Artist: Kim Fulford
Mural Name: Wings of Mother Nature

3. 1st Street Lounge
301 E 1st
Artist: Ashlie Hall
Mural Name: Time Flies

4. Magpies Modern General Store
215 E 1st St
Artist: Priscilla Billingsly
Mural Name: Magpie’s Flock

5. Gallery on First Jeanine Taylor Folkart
211 1st St
Artist: John Sullivan
Mural Name: Celebration of Color and Flight

6. Hollerbach’s
205 E 1st St
Artist: Linda Hollerbach
Mural Name: In Heaven there is no Bier

Artist: Kieran Castaño
Mural Name: Flutter of Color
Mural Name: Shay’s Garden

Artist: Nick Criscitelli
Mural Name: Breath of the Wil

Artist: Emma Klaus (Age 12)
Mural Name: German Engel

7. Celery City Craft Beer Garden
118 Palmetto Ave
Artist: Seminole County Printmakers Society
Mural Name: Winging it

Artist: Lindsey Bennett
Mural Name: Bokey Baby

Artist: Izabella Aquino
Title: WingZ

8. West End Trading Company
202 S Sanford Ave
Artist: Timmy Dub
Mural Name: Chicken Wings

9. Sunshine State Threads
307 E 2nd St
Artist: Dustin Gioertz
Mural Name: Wings

10. Sanford Brewing Company
400 Sanford Ave
Artist: Teresa Campbell
Mural Name: Bohemian Wings

Artist: Teresa Campbell
Mural Name: Grin and Bier It

11. Triple Goddess Treasures
500 Sanford Ave
Artist: Triple Goddess Treasures
Mural Name: Goddess Wings

Artist: Alexandra Solensky
Mural Name: Voice of Nature

12. Backroom Salon
504 Sanford Ave
Artist: Cassandra Albritton
Mural Name: Strega Wings of Steel

13. Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center
201 Magnolia
Artist: Sanford Porchfest Shelly Allen
Mural Name: Music Gives You Wings

Artist: Julie Bouchie
Mural Name: Embrace your season

14. Fuel BBQ
120 S Park Ave
Artist: St John’s River Art Center, Kim House
Mural Name: Draco

15. Christo’s
107 W 1st St
Artist: Jason Hawk
Mural Name: Wings of Christo’s

16. The District
112 W 2nd St
Artist: Anne McNamara
Mural Name: Butterfly

17. Palate Coffee Brewery
105 W 2nd St
Artist: Sunshine Reynolds
Mural Name: With Brave Wings She Flys

18. Loggerhead Distillery
124 W 2nd St
Artist: Loggerhead Distillery
Mural Name: Spirit of the Ocean

19. Tuffy’s Bottle Shop & Lounge
200 S Myrtle Ave

20. Henry’s Depot
212 W 1st St
Artist: St John’s River Art Center students/instructors
Mural Name: Polly the parrot

Artist: Katherine Kelly
Mural Name: Unpretty Flight

21. Simply Homemade
113 Oak St
Artist: Chris Albritton
Mural Name: Solo Angel

22. City of Sanford Planning Department
City Hall 300 N Park Ave
Artist: City of Sanford Planning Department
Mural Name: Sundown Downtown

23. D&J Investments of America
118 Sanford Ave
Artist: Nell Balogh
Mural Name: TBD

Artist: Natasha Dagnese
Mural Name: Venus Blue

Artist: Christine Chouinard
Mural Name: Howl Flight

Artist: Kira Gondeck-Silvia
Mural Name: Perennial Flight

Artist: Nancy Poitand Students of Endeavour
Mural Name: Saucy

24. Shantell’s
503 Sanford Ave
Artist: Megan and Colin Margerum
Mural Name: Chakra Wings

25. Gracious Age Dementia Center
1401 S Magnolia
Artist: Christine Chouinard
Mural Name: Every Day is a Gift

26. Pinecrest School of Innovation
405 W 27th St
Artist: Ms. Fernandez 1st grade class
Mural Name: Beautiful Butterfly

27. We the People Preschool and Childcare
708 S Elm Ave
Artist: Deanna Plyer
Mural: The First Years are Forever

28. Sanford Resident
517 S Myrtle Ave
Artist: Kathy Hull
Mural Name: Joy Ride

Artist: Jay MacPhee
Mural Name: Soar

Artist: Denny Gibbs
Mural Name: Can you see what you hear in a shell?

29. Valencia Street Neighborhood
559 Valencia
Artist: Mai Tran
Mural Name: Rise up

30. Sanford Ave Steeple
Sanford Ave/6th St
Artist: Janna Baraniak
Mural Name: Be Loved, Be Bokey

31. City of Sanford Public Art Commission
407 W 1st St
Artist: Members of the Sanford Public Art Commission and staff
Mural Name: Mariposa

32. 313 E 2nd St
Artist: Dove Day
Mural Name: Cats

Artist: Dove Day
Mural Name: Clarity

33. The Wet Spot
112 S Park Ave

Artists: Tyler Wesson & Jade Voltoline
Mural Name: Tapping our wings together