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  • My friends and I came here and it was so much fun! The last time I went, I guzzled a pint of Ode To Joy, a chocolate-coconut-almond porter that was on tap at the time. (They change up their beers from time to time, like the trendy microbrewery that they are.)
    You can tell Wop’s Hops cares about its Florida heritage because they began hosting a Florida Tale Through Ales series which involves sharing with the public a specially-brewed beer inspired by Florida’s history and archaeology. You can have a “taste from the past” and learn from an archaeology expert about Florida’s first peoples. What can I say except that what other microbreweries do that?? Needless to say, while Wop’s Hops loves Florida, Florida loves Wop’s Hops back (especially this Sanfordian).

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