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1 review
  • This place has got the friendliest bartenders and the chillest, coolest vibe. At first glance, it seems like your standard Belgian beer place (which, by the way, it does have some nice Belgian beer). But there’s some major hidden treasures here.
    For one thing, my first drink was off the “secret menu.” My friend is buddy-buddy with a bartender so they concocted a Butterbeer drink which is basically a fizzy cocktail of whiskey, bitters, and lemon extract, served in a chilled mason mug. It was delightfully sweet and smooth–my kind of cocktail.
    My second time at Buster’s, the jenever (or genever, as they call it) menu caught my eye. Genever is a juniper-flavored Belgian liquor from which gin evolved. They had different flavors like chocolate orange and lemon but I got the “oude,” which is allegedly the less sweet one. It wad SO strong that the bartender served a bottled water with it. It’s also probably one of my favorite drinks in Sanford. I will definitely be going back to order it again. Warning: it is VERY strong!
    I haven’t tried their food here but I hear it’s tasty. Definitely go here for the atmosphere, the traditional Belgian drinks, and the food.

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