Sanford, FL Art Scene

Sanford’s Art Scene is Alive and Well

I’m pleased to bring you a monthly peek at our unique local art scene in Historic Downtown Sanford. Or, as some locals like to say the “Hizzy Dizzy”. It’s our term of endearment for the place where we love to live, work, and play.

The Sanford Art Walk is a great introduction to the art scene. The brick lined streets of Historic Downtown Sanford are humming with art lovers, date nighters, families, pooches, and food truck fans on the third Saturday of every month, 6-9pm. It’s a recurring event (and free!) that falls on the same night as the Food Truck Fiesta, so you can fuel up before you ramble.

Stroll Historic Downtown Sanford and check out these opening receptions:

Jeanine Taylor Folk Art welcomes a team of interior designers for a gallery take over in the inaugural show, Folk Art Meets Design. Each designer has created a furnished vignette around a selected piece of folk art from our extensive inventory. All three Sanford designers – Laurel Carter, Amber Clore, and Mickey Searcy – let the artwork drive their choices for furniture, color palette, and mood. The results are enchanting.

One major joy of operating a folk art gallery is placing art in the homes of collectors. It has been a dream to incorporate the ingenuity of interior designers for a multifaceted show here at the gallery unlike anything else.

Gallery on First will feature the lush landscapes of painter Robert Meir. His favorite subject matter are the animals and flora of “Real Florida”, off the beaten path, or creek, or river. Imagine the view from a tree lined trail or from the seat of a canoe and you’ll enjoy his renderings of bald eagles, herons, panthers, leaping dolphins, and a host of other friends.

A Native Floridian, Mier has had a pencil and sketchbook in his hands since high school days. Now in his seventies, Mier still gives lessons and loves to share his passion for capturing animals in their natural settings. Stop by and enjoy the nature scene in Studio #5 at Gallery on First.

Step right across the street from Jeanine Taylor Folk Art and Gallery on First and you can enjoy “The Bigger Show” at The Historic Sanford Welcome Center. This multi artist show features the work of Florida Wax, a chapter of the International Encaustic Artists. You’ll be surprised at how versatile this medium is. Artists paint with molten beeswax that has been infused with pigment and damar resin.

You’ll see a diverse collection of encaustic paintings, photos, and mixed media pieces from this talented corps. Some artists manipulate the wax into fluid abstracts, while others apply a light touch to give a filmy surface over photography. Others have incorporated three dimensional objects and ephemera under the surface. It’s a real treat to see the Central Florida arts community so well represented.

Historic Downtown Sanford is a unique destination with thriving small businesses that provide creative entertainment and enjoyment. Join us!

Artfully Yours,
Jeanine Taylor

Jeanine Taylor

Jeanine Taylor is owner/director of Jeanine Taylor Folk Art specializing in contemporary southern folk art for over 21 years. A native of Miami, she originally opened her gallery in Winter Park and moved to Historic Downtown Sanford in 2004.