Epic Dining Guide of Historic Downtown Sanford by GO Epicurista

The weekend of February 23rd 2019 was very special because that was the weekend we were having the Raw Travel Watch Party & Brunch by Chef Josh Oakley and the chefs from The Pass Progressive Cuisine food truck at Celery City Craft. It was the 2nd episode of Raw Travel Episode 611 and this one was titled Historic Downtown Sanford and we were very excited!

Click here for Epic Dining Guide of Historic Downtown Sanford

That Friday evening we invited a few Instagrammers and bloggers from Orlando and Tampa to join us for a special weekend of Sanfording! We worked with the Higgins House for their lodging and a few bars and restaurants for their food and drink tour.

One of those food bloggers was Christina Thomas from Go Epicurista. She fell in love with Historic Downtown Sanford and has been back a few times and created this ‘Epic Dining Guide of Historic Downtown Sanford‘!

It’s an incredible piece filled with great perspective and beautiful pictures. Enjoy!

Images: GO Epicurista

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