Leon’s Food Tour: St. John’s River Steak & Seafood

The best view in Sanford is along Lake Monroe—literally a fat spot on the St. John’s River—and St. John’s River Steak and Seafood has that million dollar view. Their new screened patio (demolition courtesy of hurricane Irma in September 2017) offers a stunning view of the St. John’s with spectacular sunsets and the Wednesday evening Rum Race (sailboats). Open several years now, SJRSS (as we locals know it) has his their stride with new management and a new chef, and is consistently putting out great food, from sandwiches and burgers and appetizers, to full dinner courses such as the Salmon or Fish N Chips, there is something for everyone on their menu. But if you want that million dollar view on a weekend night, make your reservation early—though the views from inside are fantastic as well.

Open 7 days a week from 11 until 9 (or later), the view from the dining room is the best in Sanford.

Leon Konieczny

Leon Konieczny is a local Sanfordite and avid foodie. From food blogging to eating to cooking, he enjoys all about food--that is, when he's not out-and-about enjoying all the fun that Sanford has to offer.